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new front door color!

we painted the front door yesterday! we also removed the janky storm door. someday (soon?) the tan trim will be painted gray. progress!

looking regal this evening

otis upon his throne

🏁 puppy! 🏁

just a tuesday evening.

wren & otis are buddies today

most days, otis wants to play play play! while wren wants to nap and cuddle. today was a rare full day of peace, and they spent pretty much the whole day together.

also pleased that otis has gotten used to his crate, despite us not leaving the house much during the pandemic.
afternoon cuddles
evening snoozes

weird positions for dogs

not the weirdest arrangements of themselves, just the most recent.

otis on the back of the sofa
me, i like my head ON the pillow. but you do you, wren.

dogs making friends

jo (jahnna’s mom) brought her newfoundland puppy sophie to meet the boys this past weekend.

otis and sophie “share” a bed
charlie takes a break while sophie takes a cuddle

montreal vacation

after last year’s successful vacation in los angeles, we decided to head north of the border this year and spend a week in montreal (plus a few days in baltimore for the billy joel concert and to see some friends and family.)

build a little birdhouse

wait…where was spring?

don’t know about where you are, but over here we sort of went directly from winter to summer. we had snow and then boom! 90 degrees in the shade.


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