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build a little birdhouse

wait…where was spring?

don’t know about where you are, but over here we sort of went directly from winter to summer. we had snow and then boom! 90 degrees in the shade.



neverending winter

New Sofa

since josh has finally got a permanent home office in the basement now (which is so much better than him moving from table to table upstairs), we decided to move our sofa down there with him and get a bigger one for the living room. judging by how wren stretches out on it, maybe it’s not actually big enough? as a friend of ours said, it’s a bit like putting a goldfish in a bigger bowl.

a harvey-groft holiday

Finished Kitchen


we didn’t get any trick or treaters brave enough to ring the bell in the face of charlie’s barking, but we were ready nonetheless.

falling into fall (and renovating our kitchen)

there is little better to cheer a person up than watching our kids run around like goofballs

​​​while visiting their grandparents this week, our boys got to take a little time in the fresh air at the local dog park (which is HUGE). 



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