chicago skyline in the daylight

josh and i attended an event put on by penn state’s alumni association and college of science at adler planetarium last week. they discussed lots of super interesting projects that our fellow penn staters are working on to advance knowledge of outer space, and we had a great time.

before we went inside, we took advantage of the later daylight and the comparatively warm weather to take this panoramic photo from the edge of the lake on the museum campus where the adler is located (this photo was taken from beside the shedd aquarium, though). the tall building farthest to the left is the willis (sears) tower, and the right-hand side is the navy pier and the wave break.

the problem with the panoramic shot or really any iphone photo is that it doesn’t really give you a good sense of the distance between objects. the willis (sears) tower is actually really close to our house so farther away from where we were standing, but we were quite close to the navy pier.

nonetheless, enjoy this little photo of our new hometown.