new barklife episode! “…except for the mongols”

once again, i (josh) intended to put better show notes in here. perhaps, someday, i will. guess you’ll just have to listen if you want to know what we talked about. it definitely involved mongols somehow. kind of. and some general life updates from casa harvey-groft.

jahnna: i’d like to add a special thank you to john green and all the folks at crash course world history for the idea for the episode title.

i’d also like to clarify that i think modern russian history is more helpful than general russian history because russia otherwise follows a similar arc to other european monarchies albeit with a longer-running interest in strongman politics and the cult of personality.

also, in addition to mongols we discuss bowling for soup, and i didn’t mention my enormous love for the song “critically disdained,” and i should have. so now you know.

you also now know that maybe i should write the show notes and not josh.