about us

josh is a lapsed bicycle enthusiast yearning to return, a dog trampoline, and an amateur handyman. his favorite color is orange. unless it’s purple. depends on the day. he also does work stuff.

jahnna is a knitter, a ukulele player, a recipe modifier, a crossword puzzle enthusiast, and an amateur decorator. her favorite color is green. she has multivarious interests and also teaches history.

charlie is a great dane/lab/weimaraner mix born in 2010. he is extremely smart, loves to run, and loves to play tug of war. he also enjoys sunshine, rawhide, and jazz music. his favorite color is blue.

wren is a red tick coonhound/lab mix born in (probably) 2012. he is super affectionate and loves to cuddle and smooch. he also loves playing ball in the yard, splashing in the water, and barking. his favorite color is red.

otis is (probably) a pointer/unknown-terrier/probably-beagle mix born in 2019. he is a fur tornado. his favorite color is brown, as in sticks and dead cicadas. god help us.