barklife: the podcast

two grown adults who happen to be married to each other wax silly about tangentially related and/or completely disparate things and stuff. we were going to call the podcast “just two people,” but jean and lionel had that title pinned down already.

dramatis personae: jahnna and josh, the aforementioned humans; charlie, wren, and otis (they are dogs).

smells like nümetal barklife

hey, we're back! some … stuff happened in 2022 and we took an unplanned break. we've got a fair number of updates in this episode, and because of the gap since our last episode we're calling this the start of season 2. some brief show notes and credits:nümetal sample credit to The Aquabats! "I Fell Asleep on My Arm"josh made a reference to Operation Ivy. the song is "Freeze Up"intro and outro themes are "Bark-a-Tron 5000" by Bad Ronald
  1. smells like nümetal
  2. 11(ish): now with more format (or any format at all)
  3. adventurecast! part 2 (of 4)
  4. adventurecast! part 1
  5. chronic illness & robot combat