barklife: the podcast

two grown adults who happen to be married to each other wax silly about tangentially related and/or completely disparate things and stuff. we were going to call the podcast “just two people,” but jean and lionel had that title pinned down already.

dramatis personae: jahnna and josh, the aforementioned humans; charlie, wren, and otis (they are dogs).

adventurecast! part 2 (of 4) barklife

here is part 2 of epic harvey-groft day trip 2022. hopefully audio quality is a bit better than part 1.some background: way back in december i (jahnna) won a contest at school by knitting my own ugly holiday sweater, and the prize was a day off from school. it’s not been a good year for being able to get a sub and take a day off from school, nor was there anywhere to go until recently. with jefferson county finally making it to the green for covid levels, we settled on taking a day out in barren county, ky.why barren county? because i went on a field trip to mammoth cave when i was in fifth grade (thanks again, dad, for chaperoning), and it was really interesting, and josh had never been but also because DINOSAUR WORLD is in barren county. if you’ve ever driven on the stretch of i-65 down around cave city and bowling green, ky, you have seen photosaurus out by the highway. we have been driving this stretch of highway to visit my dad since we moved to chicago, and after 10 years, it was time to take the plunge. what does all of this have to do with the podcast? we have some of our most wide-ranging conversations in the car, and we recorded this one for you. we’ll release it as four special edition adventure episodes in the coming weeks. the first 2 episodes were from the drive to mammoth cave. we talk about (among other things): why train travel is great and there should be a train between louisville and nashvilleour trip to montreal in 2019 and how clean their public transit waswren’s recent surgery and why the surgi-snuggli is greatherb alpert & the tijuana brassthat our house is a mess, we may need to check in with our mental health professionals about it, and we definitely need the skilled labor of a housekeeperthe value in faking it until you make it, saying i’m sorry, and admitting you don’t know things (and also the downside to faking it well)how i’m taxing all of my fifth graders for paper, but they’re actually learning something about american history as well as the value of service to their community in time rather than in treasurehow the pandemic killed the development of empathy which was already on its last legs for the age group i teach because of the anonymity of the internetsome links:mammoth cave national parkdinosaur world kentuckysurgi snuggly wonder suit post surgical healing dog suitthe golden ratio on twitter and instagramherb alpert and the tijuana brass on discogsdr. michelle borba’s great book unselfiefull time moms actually work 2.5 fulltime jobsjosh mentions which, unfortunately, is no longer a valid url, but you can find wild blueberries and blackberries in barren county, and blueberries will grow in kentucky (see this article from the UK extension office on growing highbush blueberries)stay tuned for adventure episodes 3 & 4 where you can find out how our tour of mammoth cave went and what we thought about dinosaur world as well as listen to us eat crunchy things from sonic.
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