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someone’s having a birthday today. can you guess who?! (this photo is one of my favorites of him–from 2011 when he took me to see the flamingos at the zoo.)

there’s some sleepy saturday-ness going on around here.

scenes from our couch: it was rainy today so charlie was feeling pretty snuggly all day. this is what it looks like to be stared at by a large snugglebug.

blanket hogs: you can tell them by the orange fuzzies on their feet.

lazy saturday morning of nintendo in our pjs.

zoe enjoyed josh’s extra day home yesterday.

princesses get cold after their baths, yo

it’s only wednesday, but we’re already looking forward to weekend snuggles around here.

how charlie likes to spend his late afternoons. incidentally, this makes it almost impossible to keep the window clean.

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