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All the photos from 2012

way behind…october 2012 photo roundup

we spent saturday night in the nosebleeds at a bruce springsteen concert, and had a fantastic time. we’ll get some posts up about what we’ve been up to in october and november as soon as we can, but we’ve got to get the ball rolling on the move this week first. stay tuned!

beer traveling

josh brought these back from an overnight trip to chicago monday because we’re moving!

over the next couple of weeks, we’ll start the wheels rolling to move to chicago because josh’s company is transferring him up there.

we’ve enjoyed saint louis, our home for the last year and a half or so, but we’re really excited about our next adventure!

more from rehoboth: cupcakes from cake break.

(we’re suckers for a local bakery, and we very much enjoyed eating these beauties on a bench out in the sunshine)

henlopen city oyster house

we’ve moved our dining room table into the office to be a new, bigger desk so charlie’s been taking advantage of the empty dining room by turning it into his new playroom.

charlie doesn’t like tuesdays. he says he’s just going to stay under the blankets today.

tiny cardinals helmet

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