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all the photos from 2014

and this is us earlier. #harveygroftholiday

check out our matching superhero pajamas. mine are Wonder Woman, obviously.

using our bathroom floor to block the alpaca scarf I made for josh.

he got so many good presents this week that he’s worn out.

this dog is on vacation.

this ham is from Clifty Farm. FedExed all the way from Paris. we’re eating it for solstice supper and there’s no better taste of home–especially when served on this platter that jahnna’s dad made himself.

someone got a new ball for solstice and won’t let his daddy play with it.

current status: riding home on the train with a bag full of letters and gifts from my fifth graders.

aaaaaand done. @joshgroft made fun of it for being lopsided. but gosh darn it, it holds yarn just like it’s supposed to do.

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