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all the photos from 2015

whole lot of sleeping dog going on around here. their trip to christkindlmarket last night plus daycare today has wiped both of them clean out.

someone’s sitting like people on the ottoman to try to get josh’s attention.

josh: i like him. i think he’s funny.

charlie is trying to convince josh to get up so he can have the sunny side of the sofa.

for a second there, their heads were even touching. confined spaces in the car must have made them tolerate each other more.

compromising sharing the seat with cuddles.

wren can’t sit down because charlie’s being a needy jerk and taking up the whole seat. this is exactly what zoe used to do to charlie. privilege of being the elder sibling, i guess.

dogs as copilots.

dogs geared up and in motion to grandma’s house.

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