casa harvey-groft

the home of josh, jahnna, charlie, and wren on the web


we bought a house

photos of our home renovation

charlie approves of the switch from blinds to curtains and sheers. 


we opened our pool today…



some kids always prefer the box.

we’re cleaning out our garage today (since a bunch of stuff got thrown in there arbitrarily when we moved in), and my friends and i are taking a break on the deck.

first mow of the season–good thing josh got a mower to match his orioles wardrobe

guest room is open for business. just don’t all y’all come at once.

purple wall? check.

y’all, i can’t even begin to tell you how much lighter and brighter our bathroom is with the new paint because i can’t begin to tell you how adverbally bad it was before.

the rest of the wall and the shelves looked so good that i couldn’t keep procrastinating on painting the bricks.

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