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we bought a house

photos of our home renovation

one living room wall is done (except for cleaning and repainting the fireplace bricks, which i’ve been putting off).

a lot of our downstairs rooms are languishing at nearly-finished, but the downstairs bathroom is done!

first coat up. downstairs bathroom well on its way to being plastic flamingo pink. 

man fixes sink…

…unfortunately, man is much taller than bathroom is wide. 

saturday’s home improvement project


the late 90s tan scallop sink is gone, y’all.
sunday update: not including the trip when we actually bought the new vanity, this project took four trips to the hardware store to finish.
finished look:


maximum dogging in the back yard

main room is painted! 

you can now turn a full circle in the main part of our house and see no tan walls! 

home renovations so far

we’ve made a lot of changes to our house so far including changing light fixtures and lots of paint. when we moved in, the house was full of generic light fixtures and tan paint (see upper right hand photo below for the original paint color), but we quickly changed all of that. lots more to do, but it feels good to have made progress.

charlie is so happy that he doesn’t slide around anymore.

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