new barklife episode! “…except for the mongols”

once again, i (josh) intended to put better show notes in here. perhaps, someday, i will. guess you’ll just have to listen if you want to know what we talked about. it definitely involved mongols somehow. kind of. and some general life updates from casa harvey-groft.

jahnna: i’d like to add a special thank you to john green and all the folks at crash course world history for the idea for the episode title.

i’d also like to clarify that i think modern russian history is more helpful than general russian history because russia otherwise follows a similar arc to other european monarchies albeit with a longer-running interest in strongman politics and the cult of personality.

also, in addition to mongols we discuss bowling for soup, and i didn’t mention my enormous love for the song “critically disdained,” and i should have. so now you know.

you also now know that maybe i should write the show notes and not josh.

otis and the olympics

otis really enjoyed watching the 2022 winter olympics. he viewed all of the different sports, and his final evaluation is that he liked all of them except figure skating (which doesn’t have enough noise and flashing colors).

barklife valentine’s edition

things we don’t like

josh: ah, well… i don’t really have time for show notes today. jahnna is reading Radium Girls and i’m reading Sartre. other show mentions include Tori Amos, Little Women, Ani DiFranco, Liz Phair, Alanis Morisette, and probably some other stuff. you can look it up if you need to, you’re a smart kid.

jahnna: other podcasts for valentine’s day may use as a starting point things they love, but we started with things we don’t like. because that’s how we roll.

a side note: there will be no new pod episode on 2/26. we took a week off from recording for winter break and so otis could enjoy the winter olympics.

otis enjoying some short track speed skating

barklife episode 6 is up!

all we do is dogs and books

as the title suggests, our protagonists discuss both dogs and books, and how we, as a culture, underestimate kids’ reading capabilities and emotional capacities. also, Animal Crossing. beware spoilers for I’m Thinking of Ending Things.
links to other things, mostly books, that are mentioned in this episode:

a further note from jahnna: don’t read the snake book. it really is too disappointing for words.

also, i would never be mean to a living thing like i was to that animal crossing character. you have to lower the friendship score to basically nil before they’ll move away. he finally left. all is well on bark isle now.