barklife episode 5 notes: year in review

jahnna and josh are back to give you a year-end wrap-up. sort of. we sort of ramble, as always, as the words escaping our mouths struggle to keep up with our brains. in episode 5, we find some things that didn’t suck about 2021, as well as desires for 2022 (but not goals, because we don’t do new year’s resolutions). and this episode has been optimized for podcast listening, in terms of loudness, according to Apple. sorry if the previous episodes have been too loud.

as ever, our theme music is Bark-a-Tron 5000 by Bad Ronald.

some media referenced in this episode:

episode 4 notes–> return of the monomyth

in episode 4 our protagonists talk smack on a rather obscure text called The Return of the King, and also The Hobbit. and except for josh struggling to form cohesive sentences, you’ll also hear about: