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Xmas Week

gated tree so the puppy can’t drink from the tree stand 🙄
tried taking xmas photos of the boys. it was not successful but we got some more funny Wren pics.
Otis turned 1 on Dec. 21
xmas eve dinner was turkey breast stuffed with sausage, spaetzle, and broccolini.
extremely tired after an exciting day.

feasts for the beasts

everyone in this house gets a holiday meal, including the boys.

just poached chicken breast with boiled potato and carrots. bland, but safe for doggy tummies.

charlie & wren

dogs making friends

jo (jahnna’s mom) brought her newfoundland puppy sophie to meet the boys this past weekend.

otis and sophie “share” a bed
charlie takes a break while sophie takes a cuddle

august photos

it’s been hot so we’ve mostly been keeping it cool inside under the ceiling fan lately…

roundup: wren’s birthday 6/25



road trippin’ friends

summer weather is here…

…and our kids are feeling the heat. 

a catchall of scenes from the last week or so…

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