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Xmas Week

gated tree so the puppy can’t drink from the tree stand 🙄
tried taking xmas photos of the boys. it was not successful but we got some more funny Wren pics.
Otis turned 1 on Dec. 21
xmas eve dinner was turkey breast stuffed with sausage, spaetzle, and broccolini.
extremely tired after an exciting day.

feasts for the beasts

everyone in this house gets a holiday meal, including the boys.

just poached chicken breast with boiled potato and carrots. bland, but safe for doggy tummies.

charlie & wren


(yes, those are homemade turkey tenders–they go beautifully with the french wine i picked.)


happy birthday, josh!

waiting for a table. #harveygroftfeet

josh is having the old bay caramel and i’m having lemon peppermint stick.

we fancy. happy anniversary to us!

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