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jahnna made it



shawl pattern by amelia plunk for knit 1 in chicago’s kit club. yarn is dream in color jilly with cashmere.

shawl pattern by isabel kraemer. yarn is juniper farms.


(here wearing my windy city mystery shawl designed by allyson dykhuizen and knitted in bunny badger fibers yarn by renee jones)

still working on clue two, but the first pink arrow is done on my #windycitymysterykal. also, i apparently have horrendous yarn management skills. oh what a tangled mess i keep getting into!

#windycitymysterykal started clue two (only 9 days late), and realized that i’ve, as a result, accidentally taught myself intarsia?

apparently, i’m not very good at the “along” part of a knit along. #windycitymysterykal clue three released today, but i still haven’t finished clue one. (still loving this #bunnybadgerfibers yarn, though!)

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