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riot fest


today josh is wearing the sloth shirt. #riotfest2016 #riotfestchicago #harveygroftriotfest2016 #riotfest

who’s married to the most popular dude at #riotfest? me. #riotfestchicago #riotfest2016 #harveygroftriotfest2016


supper of champions. all rise wonder beer for josh and all rise porter for me. banana funnel cake. #harveygroftriotfest2015

#harveygroftriotfest2015 day three. less than jake; kongos; andrew w. k.; jimmy cliff; tenacious d; modest mouse. modest mouse was in fine sound and fettle, but my set award goes to tenacious d and josh’s goes to jimmy cliff.

much muddier today than yesterday, but much less muddy than last year. #harveygroftfeet #harveygroftriotfest2015

dead milkmen, thurston moore, desaparecidos (until we realized it was conor oberst), echo and the bunnymen, bootsy collins, rancid, and iggy pop. best set to iggy pop, but bootsy collins was an event. also, i was wearing banana socks. #harveygroftriotfest2015

day one of #harveygroftriotfest2015. mustard plug, fishbone, mariachi el bronx, lee scratch perry, flogging molly, anthrax, faith no more. best set award to faith no more (even though they didn’t do we care a lot).

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