links & notes on episode 1 of barklife: excellent but flawed

Below are some links to things we discussed in the podcast. We’re still working on our land acknowledgement.

further to the topic of guar gum in fracking, i remember now why that was such a big deal that it caused a shortage. guar gum is also a main stabilizing ingredient in gluten free baking, and the significant rise in fracking operations and the significant rise in gluten free diets were coincident if i remember rightly. —jahnna

A note from Josh: The pilot episode of the podcast is pilot-y, and subsequent episodes will be more polished. Not sure if that’s a note on this episode or on future ones, but still.

(a subsequent note from jahnna: and future episodes will probably be a smidge shorter)

a note from Wren: future episodes should not delay dog’s supper or there will be an increase in borking