saying goodbye to our princess…

This morning, our beautiful princess, Zoe, passed away in our arms. We are very sad and we will miss her very much, but we take comfort in knowing she died loved and that she is no longer sick and in pain.

While you all probably know that Zoe was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago, we elected to keep the seriousness of her condition private so that her illness would not be the first thing people thought of when they thought of our beautiful girl. And now, we do not want her death to define her memory.

As we take a break from phones and the internet to mourn our baby girl in quiet reflection, we appreciate your love and support but cannot bear to read and respond to calls and messages at this time. When the time is right, we will scatter her ashes and remember her life with those who loved her most, but, at present, we simply request the time and space to hug each other, hug Charlie, and be sad.

In memory of Zoe, please hug and smooch your furry babies and give them a special treat so that they know they are loved best of all.